Australia Extends International Border Closure until June 2021

The Australia government has extended the international border ban until June because of the emergence of more highly transmissible variants of COVID-19. Your choice will affect almost 40,000 citizens even now stranded around the world over a year following the coronavirus pandemic began.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt said, “Health officials advised the federal government that the Covid-19 situation abroad carries on to pose an unacceptable people wellness risk to Australia, like the emergence of extra highly transmissible variants. Subsequently, stringent border controls will continue until June 17.”

Australian health minister issued a statement on this regard:
In a statement, Hunt explained, “The expansion of the crisis period is informed by consultant medical and epidemiological advice supplied by the Australian Health Safety Principal Committee (AHPPC) and Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer. The AHPPC has suggested the Australian government the COVID-19 situation abroad goes on to pose an unacceptable general public wellness risk to Australia. It offers the emergence of extra remarkably transmissible variants. The expansion of the emergency period for an additional three months is approximately mitigating that risk for everyone’s health insurance and safety.”

Australia closed its international border this past year:
Australia had closed its international border 17 March 2020. The ban bars travelers from getting into Australia and stops citizens from departing without an exemption. Furthermore, a cap in addition has been positioned on the amount of Australians who are permitted to return weekly, leaving thousands stranded abroad. Meanwhile, the travelers arriving at the united states must spend thousands to complete 2 weeks on arrival. Australia provides up to now reported under 29,000 COVID-19 cases.

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